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We’ve probably all seen that person who eats a lot of food and does not exercise, but always seems thinner than those who eat slowly and count calories, yet still gain weight.

What is the mantra for losing weight? Is it eating less or more meals, doing less exercise, doing more exercise, etc.

We have all heard of metabolism, and we know that it is important to rev up the engine to burn more calories. It’s not how many calories you burn or eat, but if your metabolic rate is high, you will see sustained weight loss.

Biogetica’s protocols are different from other weight loss programs on the market. Weight loss does not only revolve around eating certain foods and following a strict exercise regime. Our revolutionary holistic weight loss kits correct the underlying imbalances which make your metabolism slow and unresponsive, causing you to pile on pounds and invite a host of lifestyle diseases.

Our protocols are based on clinically proven ingredients to increase your metabolism, put your body in fat-burning mode, balance your endocrinological axis, and improve other bodily functions. Thermogenic, a polyherbal formulation based on Ayurvedic principles, is traditionally used by Ayurvedic practitioners to reduce appetite and lipids naturally. Each ingredient is carefully selected to increase calorie burning, promote fat oxidation, and improve the metabolism of the body.

ASSIST, a clinically researched and very effective homeopathic preparation, demonstrated a weight loss average of 22.67 pounds over a period of 40 days during clinical trials conducted in the USA. Here you can read about the ASSIST trial.

You can also consult our nutritionist Dr. Khyati to get a tailored diet plan based on your health condition.

What Exactly is Metabolism

In simple terms, metabolism is the summation of all chemical and physical processes that take place within an organism in order to maintain and generate energy.

The metabolism does not just involve burning calories for energy. This mechanism is responsible for all the biochemical processes which are constantly occurring in your body on a cellular level and helps every part to perform its individual functions.

A weakened or dulled metabolism will not only make you gain weight, but it can also make you vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes-a metabolic disorder. Also, nutritionists claim that low immunity is associated with low metabolism, making you more susceptible to a variety of diseases, including colds, flu, stomach problems, constipation, weight gain, and acne.

It is important to remember that a healthy metabolism requires moderate exercise, as well as the right food choices.

Let’s dive into the 10 things you must do to boost your metabolic rate, not just for weight-loss, but also for a healthier lifestyle.

  • Boost Immunity

You’ve seen how important it is to have a strong immune system if you wish to be able to burn calories and improve your metabolism. Whole foods are full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which not only help to increase our immune system but also ignite a metabolic fire. Some other natural herbs have been shown to increase immunity.

  • Hypericum Various species have been tested to determine their immune-boosting properties. Ayurvedic physicians suggest that Hypericum mysorense a rare Hypericum species, is the best for boosting immunity.
  • Echinacea This herb has been used for centuries to boost immunity and increase WBC counts to fight infections.
  • Citrus Aurantium Traditionally, the active component of this herb, naringenin is believed to have several benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties and immune-boosting properties.
  • Grapefruit This citrus has been linked to weight loss for years because it lowers insulin levels. Vitamin C helps to boost your immune system and keep you healthy. Fiber helps regulate your metabolism.
  • Trigonella fenum- Fenugreek (fenugreek), This herb has been used for centuries to improve digestion, increase lactation and boost immunity. It also helps regulate sugar levels and eliminate excess fluids from the body. These properties are known to benefit your metabolism, keeping it in tip-top shape. 
  • Nourish Your Liver

Your liver performs many functions in your body. It performs 600 metabolic functions alone on a daily base. If your liver doesn’t function optimally, your metabolism will not either. These natural ingredients can help you improve your metabolic and liver health.

  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra, or Licorice Root: This herbal is traditionally used for boosting immunity, relieving pain and stress, protecting liver cells, and promoting its healing. The herb is thought to help flush out toxins and remove abnormal liver cells.
  • Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion). This herb has properties that are believed to support liver functions, eliminate toxins, regulate blood sugar, and maintain bone health.
  • Silybum maranum (Milk Thistle). This herb has detoxifying properties. The herb is used for centuries to support healthy digestion, reduce inflammation, and soothe mucous tissues. It has been reported that the active components of this plant act as antioxidants, which help eliminate free radicals. They also inhibit lipid degradation.
  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa): The benefits of turmeric are well-known around the world. Traditional beliefs hold that turmeric is effective in reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, and possessing hepatoprotective qualities. 
  • Rebalance Hormones

The thyroid gland regulates metabolism through the hormone thyroxine. The level of your thyroid gland determines the efficiency of your metabolism. Weight gain and other health issues can be caused by thyroid imbalances. To help regulate your endocrine system, you can include the following ingredients:

  • Commiphora mukil (Guggulu).The gum-resin guggulu, obtained from the tree Commiphora mukil, is believed to detoxify and rejuvenate the thyroid gland. It is believed to have antioxidants, and also regulate the immune system of the body.
  • Lycopus: This herb has been shown to be beneficial for the thyroid gland. The herb has been shown to normalize the thyroid gland’s functions in studies.
  • Lagenaria Siceraria (Molina). This herb has been traditionally thought to possess antioxidant, thyroid-stimulating, and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Melissa Officinalis: This herb, also known as Lemon Balm, is thought to have several properties which aid digestion. Lemon balm has traditionally been believed to contain constituents that can help calm an overactive Thyroid.

Browse our protocols for an underactive, or overactive thyroid gland.

  • Beat Stress

Stress is a major problem in our fast-paced lives. Stress is believed to be the root cause of 90% of all primary health complaints. Chronic stress can have negative effects on the immune system and metabolism. Stress is a part of life, but how we manage or respond to it depends largely on our constitution. Proper nutrition is one way to make yourself more resilient. Natural ingredients that are known to reduce stress include:

  • Emblica Oficinalis: Studies have shown that this herb has antioxidant properties. It can be used to restore lost vitality and vigor, and it may also be helpful in fighting oxidative stress.
  • Withania somnifera, also known as Ashwagandha: The herb is believed to provide a variety of health benefits. This herb is believed to increase your antioxidant supply, regulate your immune system, reduce anxiety and rejuvenate the whole body.
  • Tinospora Cordifolia This herb has been traditionally thought to have properties that could be beneficial for digestion, glucose metabolism, and stress. 
  • Work Out

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and boost your metabolism.

You can get more lasting results by combining food and other nutrients with an intense workout. Exercises that cause you to sweat are more likely to increase your metabolism.

If you combine strength training with cardio, you’ll build more muscle, and by maintaining your muscles, you’ll burn more calories.


  • Hydrate Yourself

Water is vital for all organs in the body. Its importance is evident even at the cellular scale. Dehydrated bodies will use more energy than hydrated ones. To avoid a sluggish metabolism, fill up on water. Since water is more difficult to digest, it’s important to drink enough to replenish yourself and not drown in it.

  • Fast Intermittently

This can be tricky because you will hear contradictory advice from some people who say that eating small meals during the day keeps your metabolism charged. You should be aware that most of your body’s processes are engaged when you eat. If that happens most of the time, then you might think that it will have more time to focus on other things. When you fast intermittently for 12-16 hours you kickstart your metabolism by forcing your body to release more fat-burning hormones such as adrenaline and HGH. If you think that you’ll eat more during the non-fasting period of the day then it has been proven that people who fast eat fewer calories compared to those who eat 3-4 normal meals. Many people lose weight when fasting intermittently because they do not compensate for the loss of meals by eating larger portions. You must exercise self-control and make better choices when eating. Many religions prescribe fasting, and research has shown that people are more productive, mentally active, and receptive when they’re not fed.


  • Up Your Snooze Quotient

Research has shown that your body needs adequate rest to recharge. Less sleep can lead to hormonal imbalances and brain fog, as well as a greater desire for sweets and salty foods. It also makes it harder to move around.


  • Spice up your food and eat healthy foods

It’s a given that if you eat junk, you will look and feel like junk. You must eat foods that are rich in macronutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, as well as lean protein, in your diet. Avoiding processed foods is also important. Some studies have shown that spicy foods like chilies, hot peppers, and other spices can increase your metabolism.


  • Laugh your Blues away

You’re more likely to stay at the same weight if you remain glum. If you use your humor to exercise your body, you will give it a small aerobic workout, and help your body shed the excess pounds. According to research, laughter can reduce muscle tension, increase oxygen levels in the blood, exercise the heart, and cause your body to release endorphins that promote a feeling of well-being. Stop taking yourself so seriously and try some laughter therapy to become healthier and skinnier.

The best way to increase your metabolism is by addressing the cause of its slowdown. Our patient community has seen tremendous benefits from a slight change in lifestyle and the incorporation of healthier alternatives. Biogetica has pledged to walk with you on your path to freedom and health. We will work tirelessly to make sure that you always put your best foot forward.

Consult our health experts if you’re looking to boost your metabolism. They can help you determine what’s slowing you down, and how to get it back on track. Our protocols have been specifically designed to boost your immunity, energize the liver, reduce stress, and more. Visit to browse our full range of natural protocols and get answers to your health-related concerns.

About The Author

Dr. Shivani Desai
Dr. Shivani Desai

Dr Shivani R Desai is an Md in Ayurveda. She is considered as one of the leading research scientists in natural medicine today and has published numerous peer reviewed studies. Dr Shivani has joined Biogetica owing to her passion for natural helping people and changing lives. She embodies the Biogetica ideals of bringing nature back to medicine and whole person healing back to mankind.


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