PSORA Soundscape

Our PSORA Soundscape remedy employs the latest psychoacoustic technology to positively influence the sub-conscious mind. It complements the action of other conventional Psoriasis therapies in our kits. It uses brain hemisphere balancing technologies and sends subliminal messages to the brain....Read More


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Download instructions

A download button will be provided on the right-hand corner of the shopping cart once the product is purchased. You can then download a zip file, which will get unzipped by windows when you download and double-click on it. There are 2 PSOR therapy files in the download. One is ultrasonic and the other contains wave sounds.

Both files can be played, separately, during the day or night. They are traditionally believed to work holistically, naturally, and gently on the sub-conscious mind to reduce the skin’s tendency to get inflamed and break out into unsightly lesions

Biogetica’s Soundscape solutions are traditionally believed to free one of Psoriasis, and also from the discomfort and embarrassment that go along with it. Our ultrasonic subliminal messages work above the threshold of conscious perception and are traditionally believed to produce lasting results You can use them at work, at home while watching TV, without distracting your conscious awareness, or disturbing anyone else.

Please, be sure not to use them while driving, operating machinery, or engaging in any activity that requires working-state reflexes, because the embedded brainwave technology is believed to naturally relax your overall state of being.

For maximum exposure and results, you can play the tracks at night, on continuous play. One track is completely silent to your conscious perception, and the other has sound waves. As long as you can hear the ocean sounds, be assured that you are being exposed to the positive subliminal messages as well

It may take 30 days or more to create a new habit through subliminal programming, but progress may occur more quickly with repeated use and reinforcement. You should listen to the files/tracks as often as you possibly can. It is recommended that you listen to them for at least 20 minutes a day for the first 30 days and semi-regularly thereafter.

Soundcapes are sound files that are either inaudible or have a peaceful wave sound emanating from them.

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