Sleepsolve 80 Tablets

Sleepsolve tablet is a pure herbal formulation for inducing and maintaining sleep naturally.  Sleepsolve is a natural sleep regulator containing time-tested, safe and effective sleep-enhancing herbs of Ayurveda. Sleepsolve helps to induce sleep by enabling natural secretion of melatonin.Read More


bg 100% NATURAL

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Sleepsolve is a potent full spectrum formula used to restore normal sleep by calming the nerves and correcting biorhythms.

It works on:

  •  Relieving stress, anxiety, and irritability.
  •  Correcting the sleep center in our brain.
  •  Balancing the doshas.
  •  Exhibiting anxiolytic & sleep-enhancing properties.

Brahmi Ghan Whole plant – Bacopa Monnieri- 78mg
Mandukparni Ghan Leaves – Centella Asiatica – 37mg
Nagarmotha Ghan – Root- Cyperus Scariosus – 35mg
Tagar Ghan- Rhizome – Valeriana Wallichii – 20mg
Shilajit – Niryas – Asphaltum -12mg
Jaiphal Powder- Fruit- Myristica Fragrans – 8mg
Excipient- q.s

Dosage: 1 tablet, 2 times a day.

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