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Doctor Recommended 4 Month Supply Freedom Digestive Support Kit with Silybummarianum seeds and GRD 30 formula

Alsarex Tablets

Alsarex Tablets are traditionally believed to have an acid neutralizing and a soothing effect on the gastric mucosa and smooth muscle of the Gastro-intestinal tract. **

Acidity 30

This natural GERD therapy comprises a combination of homeopathic bio-resonant and homotoxological ingredients. It is traditionally believed to strengthen the weakened esophageal sphincter and facilitate digestive functions. **

Holoram Digest

Digest is a bioregulator that improves the nutritional and energy state of the body. It potentially supports the bio-regulation of all enzymatic, absorptive and excretory digestive processes.
The mechanism of action is believed to: **

  • Restore, maintain and promote the energy balance of the digestive functions.
  • Regulate intestinal peristalsis, activate lipid metabolism and balance the macrobiota.
  • Protect the intestinal mucosa cells and help maintain the natural mechanisms that protect from oxidative stress.
  • Activate pathways and detoxification processes that eliminate toxic wastes generated by environmental pollution and metabolism. It promotes the drainage function.
  • Help maintain the natural mechanisms, which regulate the intestinal immune system and the hepatobiliary and gastropancreatic secretory function.
  • Promote healthy liver functions and induce the activation of the digestive enzymes.
  • Help maintain the natural mechanisms that regulate the balance of the enteric nervous system; and regulate the responses of the digestive tract to physical or emotional stress.

Alsarex Tablets

Achyranthus aspera 10 mg; Cuminum cyminum 10 mg; Caryophyllus aromaticus 10 mg; Root of Piper longum 10 mg; Terminalia belerica 10 mg; Terminalia chebula 10 mg; Cassia angustifolia 15 mg; Elettaria cardamomum 20 mg; Tinospora cordifolia 20 mg; Trichosanthes dioica 25 mg; Eclipta alba 50 mg; Zingiber officinale 50 mg; Emblica officinalis 60 mg; Glycyrrhiza glabra 80 mg; Asparagus racemosus 80 mg.

Acidity 30

Ingredients: Aurum trip 30, Fagopyrum 30, Strontium brom 30, Argentum nit 30, Causticum 30, Natrum phos 6x, Aconite 30
Dosage: 3 Pills three times a day 15-30 minutes before eating.

Holoram Digest


  • Group I. Fungi: Dry extract-lion's mane (Hericiumerinaceus, the mushroom body) 75 mg.
  • Group II. Phytotherapeutic Extracts: Dry Milk thistle extract (Silybum marianum seeds,> 80% Silymarin) 85 mg; Aloe vera dry extract (Aloe vera pulp of the leaves) 75 mg; Artichoke dry extract (Cynara scolymus leaves> 5% Cynarin and derivatives) 30 mg; Solids Agrimonia (Agrimonia eupatoria, aerial part) 25 mg.
  • Group III. Digestive Enzymes: Lipase 25 mg; Amylase 15 mg.
  • Group IV. Amino acids: L-Glutamine 70 mg; L-Arginine 20 mg; Methionine 15 mg.
  • Group V. Vitamins and minerals: Magnesium malate (≥ 20% magnesium) 35 mg; Zinc gluconate (14.35% zinc) 5 mg; Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate, 50% vitamin E (500-600 IU / g), 8 mg, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal 5'-phosphate) 0.46 mg, Vitamin A (retinol acetate, retinol 87.20%) 266.66 mg, folic acid (pteroylmonoglutamic acid) 66.66 mg.

Contents: 60 capsules (600 mg).

Instruction: Once or twice, ideally before breakfast and lunch, or as advised by your Physician.


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