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Immunity is your body’s ability to protect itself against pathogens through the production of antibodies. The body produces antibodies that target specific germs. This means that specific antibodies are produced to fight a particular disease. Learn more about immunity…

Types of Immunity

There are two types of immunity:

Active Immunity

When a person is exposed to a pathogen, active immunity develops. The immune system produces antibodies that are specific to the disease. The germ that causes the disease can be exposed by infection. The immune system recognizes the pathogen and produces antibodies when a person is exposed to it a second or third time. It’s long-lasting.

Passive Immunity

Passive immunity occurs when antibodies are given to a pathogen. It is not produced by the immune system. Passive immunity can be acquired by a newborn child from their mother via the placenta. Passive immunity may also be instilled by administering antibodies that contain blood products, such as immune globulin. These can provide immediate protection against specific diseases. It does not last long. This is only for a few days. Passive immunity is available immediately, while active immunity takes several weeks.

Natural and artificial methods can induce both active and passive immunity.

How to Boost Your Body’s Natural Defenses

Here are some ways to increase your body’s natural defences.

The importance of sleep is directly linked to health. A good night’s sleep can help to boost your immune system. Sleeping for at least seven hours a night is recommended for adults and 8-10 hours for children. To get a good night’s sleep, go to bed at the same time each day.

Eat Whole Plant foods: The antioxidants in fruits, vegetables, seeds, and legumes protect the body from harmful pathogens. These foods are rich in antioxidants, which help fight inflammation and prevent the production of harmful free radicals. Include fruits and vegetables rich in fiber in your diet. Healthy bacteria in your gut can be fed. It can also help boost your immune system.

Avoid Sugars Added sugars are bad for your health. These foods can lead to obesity. Obesity can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Sugar reduction helps reduce inflammation and encourages weight loss. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases can decrease your body’s natural defense system. You should therefore limit your sugar intake in daily life.

Exercise Moderate exercise is good for your immune system. Regular moderate exercise can reduce inflammation and boost your immunity. Brisk walking, cycling, swimming, and light hiking are all good options. Exercise of up to 2-3 hours a week will help boost your immunity.

Hydrate Your Body: It is essential to protect yourself from harmful pathogens. Dehydration may cause indigestion, kidney and heart problems, and a reduction in physical performance. It can also have a negative impact on your mood. Drink enough water to ensure that your digestive system is working properly and that toxins are being removed from your body.

Increase Your Healthy FatsHealthy Fats Found in olive oil and salmon are beneficial to your body’s defense system. Healthy fats can help you fight pathogens, and reduce inflammation. Olive oil is anti-inflammatory and reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other diseases. It also helps to fight disease-causing bacteria.

Manage Stress It is important to manage stress in order to maintain a healthy immune system. Chronic stress can reduce your immune system’s ability to fight pathogens, and you could suffer from inflammatory disease. Manage stress through meditation, yoga, and exercise.


You can boost your immune system by using natural supplements that contain traditional herbs. Biogetica offers a range of natural supplements to boost the immune system. Before making a decision, you can check out the research that has been done on each ingredient in Biogetica products. A doctor is available to consult for free on

Reginmmune Ingredients

  • L-GlutamineStudies show that L-glutamine is capable of modulating certain immune responses. It may help in boosting your immune system. [1]
  • L-Arginine It is traditionally believed to boost up the immune system. Studies show that it helps in the modulation of certain immune responses. [2]
  • L- Lysine HCL: It has been used traditionally for boosting up the immune system. Studies show that L-Lysine supplements may help to boost immunity against certain viral infections. [3] [4] [5]
  • L-Isoleucine: Studies show that L-isoleucine helps to impair the viral-induced activity in the cells thus producing anti-viral effects. [6] [7]
  • Magnesium Gluconate: It is believed that magnesium helps in the regulation of respiratory functions. Studies show that magnesium supports the normal functioning of the respiratory system. [8]
  • Copper Gluconate: Studies show that copper traditionally helps to regulate the functioning of the immune system. [9]
  • Zinc Gluconate: Studies show that zinc is important for the maintenance and development of immune cells of both the innate and adaptive immune systems. [10]
  • Echinacea Purpurea: This herb has been used in herbal traditions for boosting up the immune system. It is believed that the herb has potential antiviral and immunomodulatory properties. The following studies for SARS suggest that this may be of benefit. [11] [12] [13] [14]
  • Aloe Vera: Studies show that extracts of Aloe Vera can help to inhibit the activity of the virus and support the functioning of the lungs. [15]

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